Partner at Intex Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai – 600 024, an accomplished and Entrepreneurial executive with the record of success at Planning, developing and implementing for both products and services that delivers dramatic increase in sales and profits. Very strong at project management, marketing, HR and PR. A history of starting up and achieving new ventures and growing them into Profitable enterprises as well as turning around under performing business.

   Assumed responsibility as marketing executive and roused the position of Chief executive

   The current Interior contracting and marketing division of Devi Designers & decorators, Chennai – 600 034 is his brain child.

   Drove the company operations from household furniture manufacturing activity to Turnkey Interior contracting and marketing the building products, thus raising the annual turnover from 100 lakhs to 3000 per year.

   Extensively experienced in identifying right people for a right job and training them. Very actively involved and responsible in building up the current 200+ technical and non technical crew of Devi Designers & Decorators, Chennai–600 034

   Led the marketing and project management terms, exceeding the objective every quarter and achieving big gains for the company.

   Created a full fledged supply chain and sub contractors, network for successful completion of project within the committed time and quality.

   Negotiated contracts with leading manufacturing companies and achieved C & F agencies, distributorships, dealerships which created a strong cash flow for the company and strong marketing division by gaining large turnover.

   Introduced various incentive schemes for both technical and non-technical, persons thus created better incomes for the team. These incentives are shared among the members of the team of the whole company with management contribution, thus resulting the harmony is bonding not only among the member of the company, but also between the management and the team of the company.

   Developed and established excellent contacts and relationship with Clients, professionals thus resulting great repeat businesses to the company. These satisfied clients also gave lot of new clients.

   Worked on various turnkey connecting projects including high and residence, Star Hotels, IT Development centers, High and Corporate Offices, Showrooms, ect.,

   Established M/s. Intex Solutions (P) Ltd in the year 2008 along with Mr.V.Sudhakar as equal partner who also equally possess equivalent experience and expertise in the same line of activity.


   Worked as a management trainee at Yanam Electricals Ltd., Rajamundry, Andra Pradesh.

   Worked with a commercial Bank at Chennai.

   Joined Devi Designers in the year 1981


   Master Degree in Commerce from Andra University.

   Post graduate Diploma in Management from LIBA (Loyola College, Chennai)

   Diploma in Interior Designing.