Not many can read into your ideals. And an ideology of your space is even more difficult to envisage. We have worked with our clients, at their place, to build their space.

It’s not what we know that is important, but how we got to know it. We have worked closely with our clients for all these years to ensure that we understand their space as they perceive it. We bring our experience and creativity to the table, to provide them with the right mix of fresh ideas and earned expertise. Be it your living space or your work space, we will make it YOUR space.


Partner at Intex Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai – 600 024, an accomplished and Entrepreneurial executive with the record of success at Planning, developing and implementing for both products and services that delivers dramatic increase in sales and profits. Very strong at project management, marketing, HR and PR. A history of starting up and achieving new ventures and growing them into Profitable enterprises as well as turning around under performing business.



Partner at Intex Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai – 600 024, an outstanding executive with the record of success at Project Manager. A record of completing the jobs successfully within the specified time and achieving customer satisfaction excellent skills in man and material management and a wonderful negotiator with very high success rate.


Let’s help you bring the unexplored experiences of space design to build you your ideal space.